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A Moment With Justin & Jennie

Our sales executive Brandon Pilgrim has established a stellar reputation with both buyers and sellers as a sincere and dedicated agent who consistently achieves excellent results.

After completing a successful auction campaign for vendors Justin and Jennie we couldn’t help but to share the journey and outcome they experienced with Brandon.

“Deciding the most suitable agent for your property can be quite an overwhelming process, having someone you can trust and rely on is imperative when it comes to selling your biggest asset. “

“Lucky for us prior to agreeing to work with Brandon, he had established a positive relationship with us.”

About two years prior to sale he provided a free assessment of our property following a door stop cold call.

Subsequent to this assessment, Brandon would touch base every month or so just to see how our property search was going. He was providing a great service to us and was never pushy.

When we finally decided to sell, it was his hard work in building and sustaining relationships that won us over.

I knew that if Brandon said he would follow up with a number of possible buyers that he was true to his word.

Once we agreed to work with Brandon, he clearly explained what our sale options were and provided evidence for the relative success of different options.

The various marketing options were also clearly communicated. We therefore felt well informed in deciding how to proceed.

Brandon worked tirelessly to achieve an excellent sale price for our home. He held numerous openings in the lead up to the auction; he provided a running written summary of comments received from people viewing our property.

We entrusted Brandon with the method of selling by auction and as a result, we achieved a price above our expectations. He had great market knowledge and was able to create a competitive environment for all interested parties involved.

Overall his communication was outstanding, he spoke to us frequently to keep us abreast of interested parties.