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A Moment With Wayne Dobbins

James has always had a passion for helping people and understands the true meaning of service. These attributes have resulted in James achieving exceptional success as a real estate agent who is committed to doing the right thing by his clients.

After hearing about the Journey that James and recent vendor Wayne experienced, we couldn’t help but to share and highlight just how imperative an agent is for the sale of your biggest asset.

Prior to James navigating this campaign, Wayne had originally chosen another agent to look after the sale of his property. Wayne admitted that throughout the duration of dealing with this agent he was left feeling frustrated due to the lack of communication and very stressed about how long it had been sitting on the market.

When Wayne decided he needed to change the agent handling his property, he met with James and was understandably very firm and clear about his expectations of an agent. He was looking for someone who is results driven and could provide a high level of communication and professionalism. After ensuring both parties were on the same page and working towards the same goal, it was agreed that James had 2 weeks and 2 weeks only to get the property under contract.

Behind the scenes, James was working tirelessly on Wayne’s property to ensure maximum exposure was provided on the launch and competition was strong come the first open inspection. This was a breath of fresh air for Wayne, “I couldn’t believe the results he delivered from the get go, there were so many people lining up for the first open inspection”

James was extremely transparent and great at keeping Wayne well informed about how the campaign was tracking. He did this by sending weekly reports and communicating all interest levels and buyers feedback to Wayne.

James worked with the interest generated from the first open and after a couple of days of back and forth negotiation Wayne accepted an offer.

The work didn’t stop there for James, as the contract was subject to sale of the purchaser’s property in Enfield. Given the high level of trust Wayne had in James it was a non negotiable for him to have James appointed as lead agent for this property also. He maintained his high level of service and communication for Wayne and ensured that there were no surprises for him. With James’s result driven approach he was able to secure a contract of sale for their property in under 4 weeks.

“He was so genuine and I could tell he had my best interest every step of the way” Wayne spoke highly of James’s interpersonal skills and ability to take initiative. He mentioned “I am so grateful to have James by my side helping me through this chapter of my life, I not only see him as a stellar agent but also a great friend after what he has done for me”.