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Dalal Muhieddine

Property Manager

Dalal has a rich and diverse career background ranging from biochemistry to campaign and product marketing as well as 8 years in pharmaceutical sales. Along with a wealth of professional training focused on advanced selling, connecting to personality styles and time management — Dalal Muhieddine provides an outstanding level of detail, organisation and reliability.

A perfectionist and problem-solver by nature combined with a sincere passion to achieve high standards of customer service makes Dalal the quintessential property manager.

“I love to see happy and satisfied faces, and I know that happens when my clients are confident that their properties are left in good hands and there isn’t anything for them to worry about,” says Dalal.

With such a strong background in marketing and sales where client relations are the backbone of success, it’s no surprise that Dalal Muhieddine prides herself on these sincere and lasting professional relationships she has built over the course of her career.

Dalal’s extensive career history and breadth of client-facing experience is what allows her to communicate clearly and efficiently. This skillset immediately offers an honest openness with her clients, and encourages a natural sense of trust that forges genuine connections with the people Dalal works with.

Energetic, enthusiastic and thoughtful are qualities that go hand-in-hand with the maturity and experience Dalal brings to Ray White Norwood, and where “working in a healthy environment with a supporting team” is what brings out her absolute best.

Dalal has a wonderful confidence and ambitiousness, and a mindset firmly focused on professional growth and success.