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Dev Mer

Business Support

Bright, funny and with modern-day tech skills and knowledge running through his veins, Dev Mer proudly represents the new generation of IT employees performing a crucial role in the multi-platform and digital business landscape.

Responsible for developing Ray White Norwood’s ever-growing database, testing software for better user and customer experience, and implementing and rolling out new technology to Ray White staff is no mean feat. Yet juggling work, study and the latest tech developments is what Dev Mer lives for.

Currently studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Adelaide, previously a private contractor and now full-time business support at Ray White has imbued Dev with a range of skills, experience and specialisations perfect for this newly embarked career path.

“I’m driven to bring out the best in myself so that I can be the best in my field,” he says. “I really want to see technology advance and improve but I also want to streamline how people engage with it.”

This heartfelt endeavour is fuelled by an incredible personal standard and ethos to not only set goals but set them above and beyond what’s required or expected. Setting his sights in this way pushes Dev in the direction often necessary but rarely taken in the technological world with an infinite horizon.

A natural problem-solver and analytical thinker aligns well with the pragmatic binary lens necessary for this line of work, but Dev Mer also brings a funny, passionate and empathetic energy to his professional life, and is a stellar addition to the Ray White Norwood team.