Sell with Confidence
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Fortuned with a natural gift for people where a confidence and ability to engage, converse and influence his audience, Ivan Carovigno’s success in face-to-face sales reached nationally recognised heights. With half a decade achieving incredible results for some of Australia’s most important charities, including The Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation, The Heart Foundation, and ChildFund Australia, Ivan raised over $5-million in 4 short years.

Ivan’s talent to cultivate and deliver such refined sales strategies saw him move from Sales Representative, to Sales Leader, Team Leader, and eventually Sales Manager where he trained and developed over 30 representatives – a reflection of his remarkable ability to build rapport, as well as impart a passionate vision and roadmap for goal setting and performance.

Behind a charisma and confidence that sees him raise the energy in any room, Ivan’s conviction to give his best comes from a place of welcome humility. “Strength doesn’t come from being fearless; it comes from trusting yourself and having the courage to act despite your fears,” he explains. “And sales is much more than simply talking, it’s knowing what to say, when to say it and why.”

This self-awareness, insight and experience, coupled with an insatiable drive to achieve sees him the ultimate fit within Ray White Norwood’s thriving office of industry-leading agents and executives. Well-attuned to the ingredients that sculpt some of Adelaide’s most successful real estate professionals, Ivan finds himself in the perfect environment already seeing the results of his ability to push, grind and squeeze blood from a stone.