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Mikayla Bobridge

Head of Campaign Management

Mikayla has a strong background in sales negotiation, communication and customer relations, and combined with a natural skill to connect the dots (and people), it’s no surprise this campaign manager produces high quality and streamlined work.

“The most important thing to me is family, and I think that’s why I enjoy managing campaigns so much,” Mikayla says, “because it’s about making sure everyone — the agents, vendors and the target audience/buyers/market — are well looked after and properties look their best.”

Mikayla understands that a campaign manager is the material that brings everything together, “It’s a team effort and the team doesn’t work if all the parts don’t fit together perfectly.”

It’s this purpose and passion that drives Mikayla Bobridge to deliver her best day in day out. Kind, caring and with a refreshing silly streak, she is a pleasure to work with whether you’re selling your home, liaising with suppliers, booking photoshoots or launching a listing across various online platforms.

Preparing, listing and launching a property for sale is a detailed process that Mikayla makes easy. Providing tremendous insight, experience and can-do attitude — Mikayla Bobridge is a dream campaign manager keeping everyone home in safe hands.