Sell with Confidence
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With a multi-cultural, multi-lingual background, and professional history working across Community Support and Facility Coordinator roles, Rawinder Sidhu has developed an impressive foundation that gives him an intuitive and experienced understanding for discovering and developing peoples’ needs, no matter how great or small.

Together with Diplomas in Management and Community Welfare, over 10-years working in the aforementioned positions, and 3-years setting up and running his family’s business, Rawinder has jumped at the opportunity to pursue his own passion – property!

“I’ve always worked in roles designed to solve challenges for people, to help them get from point A to point B,” he says. “But there’s no bigger life challenge than finding the right home to buy, knowing when or how to sell it, or purchasing the best investment. To help people through that process, there’s no greater satisfaction.”

Kindness and compassion run thick through Rawinder’s core, but so too does consistency – “the magic behind the results,” he explains. Passionate about working with people and keeping his clients at the forefront of his communication and campaign strategies, there’s a genuine honesty and open transparency to Rawinder’s approach to real estate.

A self-proclaimed and proud Adelaide local since 2008, and full of all the ambition, energy and confidence that comes with the chance to chase his own dreams, Rawinder Sidhu is primed for an exciting career with no place better to catapult him to success than Ray White Norwood’s unbeatable benchmark.