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Ronald Ozeri

Commercial Sales Executive

A multi-national and multi-faceted individual with an extensive background in business, Ron Ozeri is the living, breathing definition of professional ambition. With a stellar career trajectory that has seen him swiftly move from hospitality management, retail leader operating pop-up stores and ventures, co-owner of a successful pub, and co-founding a digital agency – Ron’s background in business, negotiation, and customer service is simply staggering.

The development of such broad commercial understandings experienced first-hand, as well as seeing concepts grow from grassroot beginnings to high turnover operations, has instilled in Ron a diversified approach and decisive mindset when it comes to road-mapping plans or overcoming challenges.

His turn to Commercial Real Estate underscores a passion for both business and property. Now, able to align years of industry experience with the thrill of turning business possibilities into exciting realities, Ron is eager to help others build the foundations for commercial success.

Driven to empower like-minded individuals, and help navigate them to the right premise, lease and location, Ron understands the importance of getting the early stages of business right. “Every property deserves to fulfill its purpose and contribute meaningfully to its surroundings,” he says. “I'm passionate about seeing communities thrive and businesses flourish, and I believe that by connecting clients with the perfect commercial spaces, we can foster growth and innovation together.”

Such insight and inspiration bodes well in this arena, and where Ron’s industry knowledge allows him to appreciate the nuances of client needs, individual situations, while providing tailored solutions. With confidence underscoring his interactions and experience tempering decision-making, Ron displays a unique blend of enthusiasm, resilience, and thoughtfulness to a growing list of clients who routinely seek his advice and guidance.