Sam Brincat


In Property Management or Sales, Sam is well suited to service.

Sam Brincat. Principal

Sam Brincat brings experience fuelled with a fresh perspective to Sales and Property Management - fulfilling your luxury, investment, even commercial property vision.

Professional, motivated and credentialed, they don’t come more personable. Having owned a café in the city, mastered operations management and training, Sam’s true calling with reward for effort has come from real estate.

Eleven years of success in the shape of satisfied clients, namely landlords achieving low vacancy rates, steady income and flourishing investment portfolios – he’s gearing to raise the benchmark.

In Sam’s opinion, Property Management is some seven years behind sales. Equipped with an organically grown and tight-knit support team, his eyes are firmly fixed on a bright, golden future.

And alongside fellow principal Jason Spagnuolo at Ray White Norwood, leveraging Ray White’s Australasian luxury property status and 110-year providence, you’ll find no better collective.

Sam’s clients talk of his grounding nature, his real communication and engaging conversations. There’s no hiding behind an email or a report, expensive cars or flashy timepieces. Wealth is knowledge.

Behind the scenes, he smiles when he hears conversations between his agents and clients – they are warm and real, like a catch-up with an old friend.

When it comes to your investment, expect score ratings for room care, detailed routine inspection reports, and wear and tear has nowhere to hide under Sam’s watch.

Armed with personality, authenticity and a passion to break ground in the Property Management sector, discover where Sam and his team can take your investment.

Boutique by brand, successful by nature. Are you ready for that conversation with Sam?


  • 2017 - Property Management Business Development Manager of the Year