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Ryan Stapleton: Joins the Ray White Elite Performer Club

Ray White Norwood sales executive Ryan Stapleton is under no illusion about success. He knows it’s not about luck or being in the right place at the right time.

Instead, it involves hard work, upskilling to be the best you can be, and a commitment to putting the interests of his clients first.

This year, that hard work, skill, and commitment have paid off in spades for Ryan. 

After a stellar year, he was recently named an Elite Performer in the Ray White network, as well as ranking in the top 10 sales representatives and being recognised for his individual excellence in auctions.

As a member of Australia’s largest real estate network, Ryan’s recent accolades are no small achievement.  

Being named an Elite Performer means he is the top five per cent of agents across the Ray White international network.

Humbled by his recent achievements, Ryan attributes them to the drive and mentoring of the high-performing Ray White Norwood team.

“The recipe for success is ingrained here,” he explains.

“The people around you want to see you succeed.”

Ryan joined Ray White Norwood just over three years ago as an experienced agent with a strong interest in property and design.

He had previously studied architecture and was working for a building company when he took his first job in real estate.

The industry proved a natural fit for his people skills, property knowledge and customer-first philosophy.

But it was when he joined Ray White Norwood that his career quickly ascended to new heights.

“At that time, I’d been in the industry five years, and I’d previously been told there were limits to what I could achieve,” he says.

“When I arrived at Ray White Norwood, they took the limits away and gave me the tools, resources, and training that would allow me to achieve what I aspired to.”  

When Ryan joined Ray White Norwood, he became one of the first additions to a team of ambitious young agents and property managers keen to change the reputation of real estate.

Led by top performing sales agent and principal Jason Spagnuolo, they were quickly establishing a reputation for professionalism, service, and real estate results.

Ryan took that work ethic and ran with it, learning from the best while carving out his own niche in sales.

An abundance of five-star reviews soon became testament to Ryan’s skill, with vendors and buyers commenting on his “excellent service” and “outstanding work ethic”.

Ryan notes that positive sentiment was a result of always putting the customer first and ensuring they enjoyed a stress-free selling or buying experience.

“It’s about doing what you say you will,” Ryan explains.

He says real estate might involve property, but it’s really about people, establishing rapport and building a relationship of trust, and he recounts a memorable sale as his favourite example.

The property in question was at Gulfview Heights and the owner was initially apprehensive about the sale process.

Ryan worked with him over an extended period before taking the property to auction where it sold well above expectations.

“It was quite emotional,” Ryan explains.

“The auction took place on a 46-degree day, but we had created trust and the owner believed in what we were doing. It was a very rewarding experience and yes, there were tears.”

Ryan goes on to explain one of the things he values most about Ray White Norwood is the team approach to each sale.

“Every property sale involves a whole office perspective,” he says.

“The agents bounce ideas off each other, then there’s also input from the campaign managers, and the research & development teams, and there are great systems in place to ensure we get the results that we’re aiming for.”

As for the future, Ryan’s current focus is on building his own team within Ray White Norwood. He also has his eye on some further ambitious milestones within the Ray White group, but says, for him, real estate success isn’t about the awards.

“It’s about the people you help and the results you achieve on their behalf,” he reflects.

“That comes down to ensuring you get the fundamentals right, that you do what you say you’re going to, and you look after your clients each and every time.

“Awards and recognition are nice, but they’re a bi-product of doing the right thing daily.”